Ismail Ali


From an early age I have always had an interest in art and design. The concept of a human interacting with a product and forming a bond has always fascinated me. We all form strong relationships with products and images. It’s the feeling the user gets when they interact with a product, the way it feels in your hand, the feedback you get when you press the keys or how the textures and finishing’s used can make you feel like you are holding a desirable product.

Powerful imagery can also give the same sense of closeness but on a different spectrum. There is something powerful in how an image can get your undivided attention, even if it is for a few brief seconds. It’s all about the emotions you feel, regardless it being product or graphic based.

I am a multi-disciplined designer and grasp new techniques quickly, always adapting to new briefs to suit clients. My work is experimental and new, I love working using different mediums. An example of a rich mix media project that I have worked on was to create a five minute music video for a charity run organisation called Leap anywhere. The project was to create a viral video which transformed your average Joe into a peace loving charactor from the Avatar movie. The project involved heavy promotional graphics for banners and flyers, video editing effects for the viral video and photography to document the event.

I have invaluable experience in industry and many years as a freelance designer. My abilities in excellent communication and people skills have led to me being given project leader and project manager position on many occasions.

This is has been my field of study, my choice in profession and my source of happiness – all within the realm of design.


Lend Lease. March 2010 - September 2010 (Contracted for 6 months)
Digital Project Manager

Lend Lease is one of the world’s largest commercial architectural companies. As a digital project manager I was responsible for ensuring that all projects that required a design process were completed to the agreed deadlines.

My overall role at Lend Lease was to implement the new rebranded structure to all internal and external material. I was responsible for creating broachers, elements of the web-site as well as creating flash presentation pitches. I was also heavily involved in editing images as well as maintaining the Image Library.

Leap Anywhere. October 2007 - November 2009
Graphic Designer

Leap Anywhere is a charity run organisation that provides event opportunities for young people. Events could be from helping on set for the latest Leap viral video or to actually participating in charity events and gaining some experience.

My role at Leap headquarters was to create graphics for the Leap Anywhere web-site. Over time we created a Leap mascot, known as the purple cow. We created stickers of purple cows in strange situations such a scuba diving cow which often gets stuck on fish tanks or ninja cow which is always seen hanging off the ceiling.

As well as being a graphic designer I was heavily involved in producing the monthly Leap viral video. I assisted with special effects, such as CGI elements to more hands on tasks like building props and sets. Please click here to watch the Leap Anywhere Avatar viral video.


  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration


  • Adobe CS4 Creative Suite
  • Catia
  • Auto CAD
  • Adobe Frame Maker
  • Adobe Light Room
  • Model making
  • Sketching and marker rendering
  • Hyper Shot